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AC04. Sorrento/Positano/Amalfi Full day
AC05. Sorrento/Positano/Ravello Full day
AC06. Sorrento/Amalfi/Ravello Full day
AC12. Sorrento/Pompeii/Herculaneum Full day
AC13. Sorrento/Pompeii/Naples Full day
AC20. Positano/Sorrento 1/2 day
AC21. Sorrento 1/2 day

SP01. Positano/Amalfi/Ravello Full day
SP02. Positano/Ravello/Vietri sul Mare Full day
SP03. Positano/Amalfi/Vietri sul Mare Full day
SP04. Positano/Amalfi Full day
SP05. Positano/Ravello Full day
SP06. Amalfi/Ravello Full day
SP07. Amalfi/Ravello/Vietri sul Mare Full day
SP08. Amalfi/Paestum Full day
SP09. Ravello/Paestum Full day
SP10. Vietri sul Mare/Paestum Full day
SP11. Pompeii/Vesuvio/Herculaneum Full day
SP12. Pompeii/Herculaneum Full day
SP13. Pompeii/Naples Full day
SP14. Amalfi 1/2 day
SP15. Positano 1/2 day
SP16. Ravello 1/2 day
SP17. Pompeii 1/2 day
SP18. Vesuvio 1/2 day
SP19. Herculaneum 1/2 day
SP20. Vietri sul Mare 1/2 day
SP21. Salerno 1/2 day
SP22. Naples 1/2 day

from NAPLES City or Harbor
NA03. Sorrento/Pompeii Full day
NA04. Sorrento/Herculaneum Full day
NA05. Sorrento/Vesuvio Full day
NA10. Naples/Sorrento Full day
NA11. Pompeii/Sorrento/Positano Full day

from ROME City
RO02. Pompeii/Sorrento/Positano Full day


Sitting 50 m. above the sea, Sorrento is the town that names the Peninsula. Located in an enviable geographic position, it possesses superb views, with the Bay of Naples below and the islands out at sea. Small streets wind through the town's historic centre, easily explored in a day. Though Sorrento has become increasingly devoted to tourism and its more tawdry trinkets, local craftsmen still create beautiful objects of inlaid wood (a method called tarsia), leather and jewellery of coral and cameos in side-street workshops.

Things to see
Cloister of St. Francis - The arched 14th century cloister is filled with palms and tumbling purple bougainvillea. It is attached to the baroque church with its big bell-tower. The surrounding walls are often used for local art exhibits, since the convent is now an art school.

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