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FL06. Arezzo/Chianti/Montevarchi/Siena Full day
FL08. Arezzo/Cortona Full day


Arezzo is set on a steep hill rising from the floodplain of the Arno. In the upper part of the town are the cathedral, the town hall and the Medici Fortress (Fortezza Medicea), from which the main streets branch off towards the lower part as far as the gates. The upper part of the town maintains its medieval aspect despite the addition of later structures.
Arezzo may have been one of the twelve most important Etruscan cities, the so-called Dodecapolis; the famous Chimera of Arezzo, now in Florence, was found here. Conquered by the Romans in the 3rd century BC, the city flourished as Arretium in the days of the Roman Empire, well-known in particular for its metalpottery manufactures, the characteristic Arezzo ware, bucchero-ware, and red-painted vases (the so-called "coral" vases).

Monuments and places of interest
- Roman amphitheatre and museum
- cathedral of S. Donato with good medieval stained glass and the Gothic tomb of Pope Gregory X (14th cent.)
- [Romanesque]] church of S. Maria della Pieve (illustration above)
- church of S. Francesco, with the History of the True Cross fresco cycle by Piero della Francesca in the Bacci Chapel
- church of S. Domenico with crucifix by Cimabue (founded 1275 and completed in the early 14th century)
- church of S. Michele
- Piazza Grande with the Vasari Loggia
- Medici Fortress (Fortezza Medicea)
- SS. Flora e Lucilla in Badia ("la Badia")
- House of Petrarch (Casa del Petrarca)
- House of Vasari (Casa Vasari)
- Ivan Bruschi House and Museum (Casa-Museo "Ivan Bruschi")
- Gaio Cilnio Mecenate Archeological Museum
- Civic Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
- Diocesan Museum (Museo Diocesano)
- State Museum of Medieval and Modern Art (Museo Statale d'Arte Medievale e Moderna)

Role in popular culture
- Arezzo has a starring role in Roberto Benigni's film, Life is Beautiful (La Vita bella) (1997). It is where the main characters live before they are shipped off to a Nazi concentration camp.

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